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   Main advantages for your Company:


   I offer you a consulting field service technical specialist resource when and where you need it

    together,with an easy and flexible work relationship.


Ĝ  Installation Star-up and facility, training application and maintenance

Ĝ  Integration new option , accepting by the customer, Trouble-Shooting expert ,on site.

Ĝ  Maintenance expert, audite analyst, and repair, electronic, computer , electro-technology system.

Ĝ  Uninstall for mouving  other site, reinstall.

Ĝ  Maintenance Training cour all level.

Ĝ  Customer support roving Europe,and worldwide. 

Ĝ  Management of the costs and priorities in emergency situations.

Ĝ  Calibration and test of performance, on system of metrology, optic, and electronic boards.

Ĝ  Update of OS & software & Hardware.

Ĝ  Configuration of the professional soft, Windows OS ,networks.

Ĝ  loading new software and-back-up data (ghost).

Ĝ  Configuration of the application software metrology semiconductor, and other.

Ĝ  Robot of transfer, aligner, and the optic system.    

Ĝ  Capable to read and to understand, the diagrams and the service manual, electronic, electrotech.

Ĝ  of complex equipment   and micro mechanics’ Hi-tech .

Ĝ  Follow-up the calibrations of the different metrology systems, analysis of the performanc.                                        

Ĝ  and of them  test of reliability, stability, r, test of the circuit and pumps light.                                                                         

Ĝ  Setting in work of the contamination test and calcification for return in production.

Ĝ  Follow-up of the plan preventive and Curative maintenance.

Ĝ  Management of the stock, provision of the spare parts.

Ĝ  Surplus Equipment, quickly understand customer requirements and propose a solution to meet their             

Ĝ  needs.


Ĝ  Actual partners:

Ĝ Frontier Semiconductor Metrology, FSM  G

Ĝ Conation  Technologie  USA                  



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Customer Liste

Visited in     

Europe  & World


St. Microelectronics


Crolles ' FR 


Intel Dublin IR


AMD Globalfounderie Desden DE 


CEA-LETI  Grenoble FR


IMEC Leven  BE


EPCOS  Munich DE


STMicro Malta


ST micro Agrate  Italia


Seagate UK


Infineon Munich DE


Freescale  Toulouse FR


Technical University Darmstadt DE


Fraunhofer Institut Berlin & Freiburg DE


Bookham Londre  UK 





IHP Frankfort ODER



Tower Semiconductor Israël



SMC Edinburgh UK 


Atmel Rousset FR


Texas Instrument Japan


M-CELLS solar, Pinghu CHINE


Shanghai Industrial μTechnology Research Institute ,Chine .

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